We recommend other people's products after we carefully review them to assist our customers to build an online business or to assist those who want to help local businesses build an online presence.


Video & Video Related products have been HOT for many years and they are our key focus because of Todd's background and our customers love this niche.


Graphics go naturally with video, as well as website creation and advertising. Graphics enhance everything. You don't need a design degree to make beautiful, functional graphics with these tools.

Local & Online Biz

Local businesses need an online presence to survive and grow now. However, many still do not have websites or, if they do, what all they need to do with them. This is where others can step in & show these businesses the best way to build their online presence.



This Brand New 2-in-1 Video Builder App with built-in A.I Powered Voiceover generator To Create & sell Unlimited HD Videos & Voiceovers within minutes!

TV Ads Hero

Learn how you can advertise on TV for yourself and your clients. Hulu is now the hottest way to advertise on TV.


YouTube automation product platform that is meant to take care of ALL possible YouTube marketing needs.

Content Gorilla AI

Artificial Intelligent Content Writing: select a sentence from a YouTube video; Content Gorilla will grab it & enhance it
with new A.I powered automated writing.


Create LIVE or LIVE-like Training, Courses, Presentations, Meetings, Interviews & Social-Webinars On Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Or Any Site Simultaneously!


BRAND New Revolutionary Meta Ad Style Maker has arrived! Xtreme Adz is here! Generate Eye Popping 3D Meta Style Ads For BOTH FB and Instagram – First Of It’s Kind To Market.


Fast, intuitive & secure platform to host, stream and edit videos in 1 place.

VidPresenters Vol 2

3D talking adult, child & elder avatars; 3D toon presenters; 3D cartoon backgrounds; 3D animated character templates; video assets in DOWNLOADABLE packages to be used in software that you already own.

Quick Studio FX 2.0

High end, professional collection of unique 3D virtual studios that you can use for any video marketing, presentation project, reviews, or Live Action video project. Look like they’ve been shot in a real studio.


Instantly create & edit Virtual Reality Videos for Metaverse OR turn regular videos, articles, blog posts into Metaverse-ready VR-videos In 60 seconds!

Super Backdrop

The world’s best library of tens of thousands of unique specially produced greenscreen backdrops that you can use in your green screen projects. Use them for video and graphic work, in presentation and many more!

Sketch Genius

Create unique videos and stand out from the competition with numerous first-to-market sketch styles and themes including Crayon Sketch, Notebook, Chalkboard, Vintage Style, Sketch Logo Reveal, Blueprint, Black & White and Color sketch video styles.

Local & Online Biz

Podcast Advantage

Course that teaches how to build a podcast without spending a ton of money; get a good understanding of how to edit audio; how to monetize podcasts; free tools that will help make your podcasts a success.


Scans, detects, fixes & generates buyer leads from websites that are unintentionally breaking local & International Laws… with a single line of code! Loaded with 11 compliance tools to fix up to 9 lawsuits traps on any website.


Powerful A.I system for automated niche site rankings for ANY keyword and ANY location worldwide.

Creaite 2

REAL A.I Content Platform. Web-app writes perfectly readable content for any major niche in under 90 seconds.

ADA Leadz 2

ADA Widget optimizes your website for ADA Compliance immediately. ADA Lead Generation, Website Audit & Business Search Feature finds leads and businesses that are not yet ADA Compliant & creates a beautiful website audit.



2 new platforms, Humanzign & Isozign, in one. Create advanced, on-trend character illustrations & isometric scene designs.

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