Team Todd

Our International Team was brought together over the years by Todd Gross and we work very well together.

Team Todd is responsible for coordinating our promotions, webinars, and our own product launches.

We are contacted by others to launch their products. Once we partner with them, we beta test the product so that we bring the best product that we can to market. When the sales materials are not done by our partners, we write the copy for all the sales pages; the scripts for the all the videos; and coordinate the design for the sales pages & videos.

We contact the affiliates and keep them informed throughout launch. 

We provide support during and after the launch.

Todd and Team Todd have been responsible for numerous 5 and 6 figure launches and the majority of our products are evergreen - meaning that they will be around for a very long time.

We're all so pleased to be the Team behind Todd Gross, the #1 Affiliate on JVZoo since 2014 and Top 1% Vendor.

Shannon Murphy
Murphy, USA

Launch Strategy, Funnel Building, Product Positioning, Product Pricing, JVZoo, Warrior+, PayPal, 
Copywriting, Video Editing, Site Building

LuAnn Beckman
Beckman, USA

Operations Manager -- Promotions Coordinator; New Products Consideration, Oversee Beta Testers, Oversee Launches; JV Manager; Website Creation; Webinar Organizer; Proofing; Copywriting; Voice Over Scripts; Support

Dinesh Taunk
Taunk, India

Programming, Software Development, Website Hosting, Graphics, Bonuses

Paul Akande
Akande, Nigeria

Graphics Design, Media Buying, Launch Strategy Assist, Video Editing, Site Building

Audrey Ruth
Ruth, USA

Todd's Club, Social Media, ERTC, Copywriting

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