Your Green Screen Guy

Todd Gross is a 3x Emmy Award
Winning Meteorologist who spent
30 years in Broadcasting but
transitioned online in 2006 and
built a significant business
for himself.

Now he would like to help YOU
transition online.


From Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist To #1 Affiliate Marketer On JVZoo Since 2014. 
This Top Spokesperson In Internet Marketing, Event Speaker, Webinar Presenter, 
and Premium Vendor Of His Own 6 and 7 Figure Products.
Todd’s Journey Has Been Quite Remarkable, But He Still Takes Time
To Share His Knowledge With Others.


Todd was a broadcast meteorologist in Boston, New York, Utah, and on CNBC.

Todd is well known for his accurate forecasts. On CNBC, he covered Hurricanes Irene, Isaac, and Sandy along with the 2012 Nor’easter during the national election.

Todd is also well known for his coverage and story about The Perfect Storm on Halloween weekend in October, 1991. Todd's story piqued the interest of the author of the book which led to Todd being depicted as the meteorologist in the movie, The Perfect Storm.

Todd Gross, Meteorologist
Todd Gross, Meteorologist Reporting At CNBC

Todd's many, many fans love him and still refer to him as "my weatherman"!

SINCE 2006


Todd exploded onto the online scene in 2006. Studying with Derrick Van Dyke, who in turn was a student of Ryan Deiss, Todd learned how to take his video talent to the Internet Marketing realm, and worked with many big names at the time including Joel Comm, Shawn Casey, and Andrew Fox. His first major product, SqueezeVideos, actually brought “video squeeze pages” into the mainstream!

Todd then brought his knowledge of using GREEN SCREEN as a meteorologist online and started teaching others how to use green screen, too. Now, he’s known as “Your Green Screen Guy”!

Todd was soon earning more than he did as a broadcaster. Todd recently mentioned that he worried early on that other broadcasters would soon see what he did and come online, too, and take away some of his business.

No one ever did!

Todd Gross, Your Green Screen Guy

Thanks, Todd. I have been purchasing video items from you for years, and you fill the "Know, Like and Trust" requirement in network/online marketing like no one I know. 

Tom Paul


I am so glad that I stuck with were so far ahead of your time then, because you "knew" video was going to be huge when it was a baby then. You have been blessed and have established yourself as a true authority and mentor our industry looks up to. 

David de Rox


I have been a fan of your work. You inspire young entrepreneurs like me to keep working towards our dream.

Dr. Sajjan Madappady, INDIA


Thank you for the training. Watching you work was the most valuable time I have ever spent on my computer. You make the software come alive. You make what seems hard become easy.

Linda Guill



Todd shares his expertise often on webinars, at live events, & during interviews.

Whether it is speaking in front of a live audience, sharing his expertise on a panel of experts at the JVZoo Marketing Mayhem, hosting an online webinar, or during an interview, Todd shares his knowledge freely in hopes to help others.

People love Todd’s easy-going style and compliment that his training is some of the best they’ve ever heard.

Todd honed his skills by observing others, finding a need and filling it. This is one of the BEST ways to get started online. This is also how Todd’s Business Partner, LuAnn, started with Todd and they’ve been together since 2012!

Todd Gross, Expert Speaker
Todd Gross, Expert Speaker

Todd has spoken at many events including JVZoo Marketing Mayhem which included this panel of experts.


Todd’s skills in front of the camera, as well as his amazing professionally trained voice, have resulted in him becoming the Top Spokesperson in Internet Marketing.

Now he records Voice Overs for those who want a professional voice to add to their videos. Todd reserves his on camera videos for his own products.

Listen To Some Of Todd’s Voice Overs

Todd Gross, #1 Spokesperson

After watching the webinar yesterday, your passion showed through. I would just like to drop you a line and express my thanks, for taking the time to go through the software. Like you I am more of a play with software and read the instructions or tutorials if I can not work it out, so you going through the software helped me a lot. It was refreshing to watch someone who clearly enjoys what he is doing, not just pitching for more sales.

John Krechting


Hey, Todd. Just wanted to drop you a line personally and thank you for such an outstanding voice talent, it made my videos come to life. And I can read that in conversions and EPC in my launch.

Adrian Isfan

X360 Product Developer/Vendor

I know we can’t all be Todd Gross but, his style and demeanor could represent the standard to be emulated.

Sheldon Dubow


I always purchase using Todd's links, not just because of the always 'over the top' bonuses but because he is such a genuine person who cares about the people on his list.

Martyn Brown 


Commenting on VideoRobot Launch - "Congrats, Todd -- I have said in multiple places that this is a landmark launch... you've set a new standard for the industry on multiple levels."

Judy Kettenhofen

Highly Respected Affiliate

I am most appreciative of all the great products I've had the privilege to purchase. Thank you for the opportunity.

Brenda J. H. Page, D. Div., CGA, CMLC... Work-Life Fulfillment Coach, Mentor, and Consultant 



Todd remains the #1 Affiliate Marketer on JVZoo and has been since 2014.

Todd’s focus has never changed since his early days online and his consistency has paid off.

In fact, he shares his simple but impactful plan that led to his largest one day commissions.

Get Todd’s FREE Case Study here and see how following a consistent plan can impact your business.

Todd Gross, Meteorologist, Netpreneur
Todd Gross, Premium Vendor


Not only has Todd developed his own well-received products, he is one of the top go-to people whom others want to launch their products.

Todd Gross, Premium Vendor

Todd and Team Todd have launched over 50 products, including numerous 6 & 7 figure launches with 4 of those being in the Top 15 EVER launched on JVZoo and the others are within the Top 275 out of JVZoo’s 57,500+ products.


We offer unique, useful, and evergreen products – both our own and those of others. We want you to have the tools on hand to build your business whether it is for yourself or you are serving local businesses or online. 


Our products are evergreen – meaning they’re created for long term use and sale which include 3 very popular products launched in 2017 and still sold today.

All our products are thoroughly beta tested prior to launch. Beta testing is one of the privileges of being a member of Todd’s Club. The input of the testers is critical in helping find bugs, as well as suggesting improvements which make these products even better for all our customers.

To learn more about each of our products, please


As the #1 Affiliate on JVZoo, Todd is very careful about the products that he recommends.

Team Todd considers products based on the interests of those on Todd’s lists; if the products are “solid”; and if they’ll be beneficial to our customers.

For some products, we also gain access for a few of Todd’s Club Members to review. Their input is very valuable to the product owners who make changes accordingly.

To find out about the products that we recommend, please


We’ll post ideas, industry info, mini lessons, webinar replays, interviews, and whatever else comes to mind.

To read more, please


Want To Get A Heads Up On What Products Are Coming In The Month Ahead – And So Much More?

Todd’s Club offers various tiers from Monthly Newsletter where you’ll receive info about upcoming products, tips, and valuable FREE gifts to Beta Testing where you get to test new products to Voice Over Pro where Todd will record a custom voice over for you each month to Club Mastermind where you get to be part of a group which actually develops a product.

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Todd Gross, Your Green Screen Guy

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